Dachshund Eye Problems: Signs and Care

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A dachshund eye problem can result in blindness.

Dachshund eye problems are something you want to catch as early as possible. Sometimes dachshunds develop a degenerative eye disorder called Progressive Retinal Atrophy, or PRA.

It can ultimately lead to blindness as the photoreceptors in the back of the eye waste away. But long before a dachshund goes blind, a veterinarian can see signs of this disorder.

A dachshund eye problem can result in blindness.

There are also veterinary opthalmologists that can do extensive eye exams on dogs. Responsible breeders will always get their dogs’ eyes checked and won’t breed a dog with this condition.

Also, for miniature longhaired dachshunds there’s a DNA test that can determine if a dog will develop PRA.

Other eye conditions that can affect dachshunds include:

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19 Comments on “Dachshund Eye Problems: Signs and Care”

    1. I just found out my 4 month dachshund has a blocked eye duct. She has had a weepy left eye since I got her but was looking much worse. I have a steroid to put in her eye twice a day and massage the duck. I am crossing my fingers the duct path is not missing genetically

  1. Hey everyone, I have a 5 soon to be 6 year mini long hail dashchund. She has recently started leaking a clear good out of their left eye. I showed and told the vet, but he just said that it was “probably” allergies. I don’t believe that. And just and to be On it if its something Serious. Please if anyone has some idea pleas get back.


  2. My mini Dapple Long Haired Doxie has slowly been having vision problems. It came on gradually, but know is progressing mqqoqre every day. She is only 9 years old . When she needs to go outside, I follow and stay with her till she’s done. If I don’t she will just will walk not knowing where she is going. It’s breaking my heart. Her appetite is fair. I just don’t know what to do.

  3. I am taking my Doxi to a eye specialist in NJ Dr Ringle, my vet said my Doxi might have SARD or PRA. I hear they thet are having great results with Gene Therapy. Any info you can send would be appreciated. TY

    1. Hi, my 6-year-old Dachshund is going blind, started suddenly about 2 months ago, every day worse, taken him to 2 ophthalmologists, they have no idea, it is not cataracts, told us no cure

  4. What can you do for the dog? He seems scared of not seeing? What can you do to help them transition to blindness?

  5. My 8 year old doxie has had red eyes for a couple weeks, it was chalked up to allergies but now his right eye is getting cloudy.

  6. My 13 year old dachshound has been blind for over 10 years. Flash has never slowed down and can chase a squirrel better than his sister, Jesse.

  7. My adopted (thrown away) doxie seems to be going blind. I’ve read that as long as you care for them, they’re ok with it. Same with other blind breeds.

    1. I think our Cocoa is losing her short-range eyesight too. She’s started bumping into things. Thank goodness their sense of smell is so good! She seems to have more trouble when the light is dim, so we’re turning on lights more!

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  9. I have a 7year old mini Dachshund I think he is going blind or is blind what are the signs? He has one eye that is cloudy and some discharge is coming out of his eye. If he is how do we treat him I am on fixed income and don’t have a lot of money for vet but I will do what I can for him . I love him. Please help with info on what to do
    Thank you 🐶🤔

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