Dachshund Mix Breeds: Surprising Combos

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A dachshund mix is the result of cross-breeding a standard or miniature dachshund with another dog breed. Doing so alters not only the look, but often the personality traits, of the dog.

I was amazed to see how many different dachshund mixes there are! You may run across these at rescue shelters, but breeders are also breeding mixes on purpose. 

Melon the Doxiepoo. Photo by Ray Larabie/Flickr

Here are the dachshund mix varieties I’ve come across so far in my research…


You guessed it: This is a dachshund mixed with a Chihuahua. The one I saw had a more upright posture than a dachshund when it sat up straight. It had shorter ears and a shorter, more squarish-looking face. 


This is a cross of a dachshund with a Labrador retriever. The ones that I’ve seen look more like a small version of a Lab than a dachshund. When they sit, their position is upright.


This is a cross between a dachshund and a rottweiler. The one I saw had a body that was the size of a standard dachshund. The straight tail stuck up in the air. The ears were shorter and hung down, and the face was shorter and more heavy-set.


This is a cross between a dachshund and a pomeranian. The one I saw was fairly small and delicate. The dog’s face was shorter than a dachshund’s, and its paws were larger. Very cute IMO.


This is a cross of a pug with a dachshund. The one I’ve seen had a long-curving tail that stuck up; a larger and shorter face; and longer hind legs than a dachshund. Looking at it, I never would have guessed that the dog was part dachshund!

A Daug. Photo by Valerie Everett/Flickr


This is a dachshund bred with a Corgi. The result is a more upright posture than a dachshund plus pointy ears.


This is a dachshund-Yorkshire terrier mix. This cute little dog has a curious expression, a straight tail, and short legs. Its ears look more like a terrier’s— they’re pointed and slightly curled downwards at the tips.


Mix a dachshund with a Bichon Frise and this is what you get. Think fluffy fur and a long, dropping, fluffy tail. There was nothing about this dog that looked to me like a dachshund except for the shape of the body.


The poodle dachshund mix I found had super fluffy, short hair, the posture of a dachshund when seated, and a sweet expression similar to that of a dachshund. Its ears looked like a dachshund’s, but its face was much shorter and smaller.


This is a beagle dachshund mix. The body and legs of the doxle I saw looked very much like a standard dachshund’s, except that the legs were longer. The fur and ears also looked like a dachshund’s, but its face was considerably shorter and more boxy-looking.

A doxle is a beagle dachshund mix.

A Doxle. Photo by bradleyolin/Flickr

German Shephund

This is a cross between a dachshund and a German shepherd. This dog has longer legs than a dachshund, its ears stick straight up, and its hind legs stand closer together. The dog’s face is shorter and much wider.

Golden Dox

This is a cross of a dachshund with a golden retriever. The one I saw had a very sweet expression that captured the curious nature of the dachshund. Its ears looked like golden retriever ears — more pointed than a dachshund’s, and they hung down. When it sat up, it had a more upright posture and a bushy tail.

Great Dox

I actually can’t believed anyone ever bred a Great Dane with a standard dachshund. They look really strange, I think. Imagine a very long body and short front legs, paired with long hind legs, a curled upright tail, and a dachshund face mixed with a Great Dane’s face.


The Jack Russell terrier dachshund mix has along body, long front legs, and ears shaped like a dachshund’s ears only shorter. Its face is shorter, but its body reminds me of a standard dachshund’s.


This is a cross of a dachshund and a pit bull. I think these dogs look very odd. They have a body more like a standard-size dachshund, and the face of a pit bull but in a longer version.


This is a Shiba Inu mixed with a dachshund. The body is similar to the size of a standard dachshund. The ears are pointed and fairly large, and they stand upright.


The shitzu dachshund mix is adorable. The one I saw had the body, tail, and ears shape of a dachshund. But it had fluffy, wavy hair and a broader face.

Know of more dachshund mix breeds? 

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2 Comments on “Dachshund Mix Breeds: Surprising Combos”

  1. I have a red wire haired daschund 11 pounds looks exactly like a daschund but she has shorter ears with long hair growing over the ears. any guesses what breed she might be. She is VERY low key, a keen sense of smell and VERY dedicated to me her lucky owner. Thanks so much

  2. It’s like finding out your beloved wiener dog has a secret superhero alter ego. I mean, a Dachsweiler? A Daug? A Dorgi? These mixes sound like they could be new species in a sci-fi movie! I can’t wait to see what other surprising combos dachshund enthusiasts come up with next.

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